Welcome at the site of Agri2value. Agri2value is a young management and consultancy firm focused on the agricultural sector in developing countries. We provide economic and market advice to farmers, entrepreneurs and rural community organisations.

Our goal is to become a specialized leader firm in agricultural development by creating agro-systems that are highly valuable; economically, for local society and for our natural environment. Agri2value strives to be the guiding expert and service provider that meets the demand and needs from rural communities.

Agri2value; creating economic growth through social and environmental sustainability


Norman Borlaug, Plant Scientist Who Fought Famine, Dies at 95

The New York Times Published: September 13, 2009 By JUSTIN GILLIS Norman E. Borlaug, the plant scientist who did more than anyone else in the 20th century to teach the world to feed itself and whose work was credited with saving hundreds of millions of lives, died Saturday night. He was 95 and lived in [...]

The continuing violence of the green revolution…

Climate change, rising oil prices and the ecological and economic non-sustainability of chemical fertilizers 11 June 08 By Dr. Vandana Shiva On June 10 Sidhalingappa Choori, a farmer was killed when police opened fire on hundreds of farmers waiting for fertilizers at the Agricultural Produce Marketing Cooperative Centre (APMC) in Haveri District in Karnataka. This [...]

Cultivation of biofuels is harmful to sustainable development

2 July 2009 Unit: Wageningen UR If the Netherlands aims to supply 10% of the total demand for fuel with biofuels by 2020, it will be unable to satisfy the criteria established by the commission for sustainable biomass production. This was the conclusion of the report for the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the [...]

The Global Food Crisis – The End of Plenty

Published: June 2009 By Joel K. Bourne Jr Photograph by John Stanmeyer It is the simplest, most natural of acts, akin to breathing and walking upright. We sit down at the dinner table, pick up a fork, and take a juicy bite, obliv­ious to the double helping of global ramifications on our plate. Our beef [...]